Things That Matter Outreach Tour

Things That Matter Outreach Tour

Montana is our nation's fourth largest state. So it makes sense to travel outside the Capitol city to better understand the businesses and people who make Montana tick!

"Things that Matter" is the Secretary of State's outreach tour that does just that—spending time in every county, promoting democracy to all ages, helping commerce thrive in every town, and immersing in the unique cultures of each Montana community.

Counties Visited

✔ Cascade
✔ Custer
✔ Hill
✔ Lincoln
✔ Fallon
✔ Daniels
✔ Flathead
✔ Mineral
✔ Beaverhead
✔ Chouteau
✔ Wheatland
✔ Park
✔ Butte Silverbow
✔ Powell
✔ Broadwater
✔ Yellowstone

Montana's 56 Counties