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In 1977, the Montana Legislature recognized the importance of preserving and properly disposing of public records. That year, it created a State Records Committee (MCA 2-6-1107) and assigned it the task of monitoring record retention and disposal. No public record may be disposed of without the approval of the committee.

The committee meets at least quarterly.

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Retention Schedules

Retention provides a minimum period of time that a specific type of record must be retained and preserved and the appropriate disposal method (toss, shred, etc).

View the Current General Retention Schedules.

Add/Change Retention Schedule

To add a retention schedule to a record series:
Use Form RM84 to request a new record series to be added onto the General Schedule. Email completed form to

RM84 InstructionsInstructions
RM84RM 84

To change the retention schedule of a record series:
Use Form RM85 to request a change to a record series on the General Schedule.
Email completed form to

RM85 InstructionsInstructions
RM85RM 85


Email the completed disposal application to

RM5 InstructionsInstructions
RM5Records Disposal Request - RM5

Rolling Disposal Request (RM7): a disposal request form implemented with the intent to provide an agency with the State Records Committee's annual revolving approval to dispose of specific records series. Rolling disposal requests may only be used for duplicated (secondary or tertiary) records series, when within that requesting agency, the same records series exists in its primary of official format which services as the state's official public record. Email the completed disposal application to

Rolling Disposal RequestRolling Disposal Request

Delegated Authority for Disposals

Does your state agency have what it takes to dispose of your own records without having to get approval from the State Records Committee each time you want to dispose of your records? If you answered "yes" to this question, then you will need to read the Agreement Guidelines and fill out forms A1-A8. Email these to The State Records Committee will review the documents and get back to you within 10 business days.

Be sure you read the guidelines carefully, and do not hesitate to contact us at or 406.444.9000 if you have any questions regarding Delegated Authority.

State Records Committee Members

If you have questions, please contact us at or call 406-444-9000.

Deborah Butler
Legislative Audit Division

Jodie Foley
Montana Historical Society
State Archives

Michele Snowberger
Attorney General’s Office

Andy Huff
Governor's Office

Audrey Hinman
State Chief Information Officers' Office

Peter Wiseman
Department of Administration - State Information Technology Services Division

Joe DeFilippis
Secretary of State’s Office
Records and Information Management

Rachel Young
Secretary of State’s Office
Records and Information Management

Ed Smith
Clerk of Supreme Court

KarenDe Herman
Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Jeff Sillick

Mark Sullivan

Gretchen Bingman
Department of Administration

Joyce Wittenberg
Department of Environmental Quality


RM 1 – Record Series Profile
RM1 InstructionsInstructions
RM1 FormFillable Word Form

RM 2 – Transmittal of Records
RM2 InstructionsInstructions
RM2 FormFillable Word Form

RM 2a – Transmittal of Records for Folders
RM2a InstructionsInstructions
RM2a FormFillable Word Form

RM 2b – Unfoldered Document Returns
RM2b FormFillable Word Form

RM 3 – Records Retention Schedule
RM3 InstructionsInstructions
RM3 FormFillable Word Form

RM 4 – Returning Folders or Unfoldered Documents
RM4 InstructionsInstructions
RM4 FormFillable Word Form

RM 5 – Records Disposal Request
RM5 InstructionsInstructions
RM5 FormFillable Word Form

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Forms (cont.)

RM 7 – Rolling Disposal Request
RM7 InstructionsInstructions
RM7 FormFillable Word Form

RM 11 – Work Request Form
RM11 InstructionsInstructions
RM11 FormFillable Word Form

RM 84 – Request to Add Record Series to the General Schedule
RM84 InstructionsInstructions
RM84 FormFillable Word Form

RM 75 – Migration Plan
Migration Template - WordMigration Template - Word
Migration Template - PDFMigration Template - PDF
Appendix A - Guidelines - WordAppendix A - Guidelines - Word
Appendix A - Guidelines - PDFAppendix A - Guidelines - PDF

RM 85 – Request to Add Record Series to the General Schedule
RM85 InstructionsInstructions
RM85 FormFillable Word Form

We hope the information in this toolkit was helpful!

If you have questions, please contact the RIM Division at or call (406) 444-9000.

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