State Records Forms and Retention Schedules

State Records Forms and Retention Schedules

Agencies of state government should refer to the General Records Retention Schedules to or to their agency-specific Records Retention Schedule (RM3) to determine how long to keep specific public records and how to securely dispose of them. If your agency must meet federal retention requirements, the longer of the two retention periods applies.

If you are uncertain which schedule to refer to for a specific type of document, refer first to the General Records Retention Schedule Index.

While some records are kept on a calendar basis, most state government records are maintained by fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). For example, a record created in FY 2006 that has a retention period of four years could be disposed of at the end of FY 2010, or June 30, 2010.

Records Management Forms

Form #
RM 1
Record Series Profile
RM 2
Transmittal of Records
RM 2a
Transmittal of Records for Folders
RM 2b
Unfoldered Document Returns
RM 3
Records Retention Schedule
RM 4
Returning Folders or Unfoldered Documents
RM 5
Records Disposal Request
RM 7
Rolling Disposal Request
RM 11
Work Request Form
RM 12
Document Conversion Services
RM 75
Migration Plan
  • Migration Template - updated 2016
  • Appendix A - Guidelines
RM 84
Request to add Record Series to the General Schedule
RM 85
Request for Change to a Record Series
RM 88
Records Destruction



Delegated Disposal Authority Agreement

A1 Letter of Application and Executive Support
A2 Dedicated FTE by Organizational Chart
A3 Records Management Policy and Procedures
A4 Approved Retention Schedules
A5 Records Disposal Requests History
A6 Statement of Essential Records Plan
A7 Migration Plan
A8 State Archives Transfer Reporting





General Records Retention Schedules

Schedule # Schedule Name
Index of General Records Retention Schedules
GS1 SABHRS Financials - updated Jan 2016
GS2 General Financial Records - updated Jan 2016
GS3 Administrative and Legal Records - updated Jan 2016
GS4 Purchasing and Procurement Records - updated Jan 2016
GS5 Payroll and Personnel Records - updated Jan 2016
GS6 Technology Services Records - updated Jan 2016
GS7 Records Management - updated Jan 2016
GS8 Licensing - updated Jan 2016
GS9 Non-record Material - updated Jan 2016