Local Government Records Committee

Local Government Records Committee

In 1993, the Legislature created a Local Government Records Committee to oversee the preservation and disposal of public records kept by local governments and school districts. If you have questions please email us at SOSLocalGovtRecCom@mt.gov.

Jodie Foley, Montana Historical Society – State Archives
Joe DeFilippis, Secretary of State – Records and Information Management
Carly Jay Anderson – Clerk of the District Court, Beaverhead County
Bonnie Ramey, Jefferson County – Office of the Clerk and Recorder
Terry Atwood, Geneology Representative
Marty Rehbein, City of Missoula – Office of the City Clerk
Beth Riitano, Department of Administration – Local Government Services
Keith Belcher, Missoula County Records Manager

The Local Government Records Committee meets at least twice a year to approve, modify, or reject proposals for local government and school district records retention and disposition schedules. A subcommittee made up of the state archivist and a representative of Local Government Services Bureau handles all requests for disposal of records. No record may be destroyed without the subcommittee’s unanimous approval.

To submit a request for disposal, complete Local Government Disposal Authorization Form and deadhead or mail a signed original form to:

Local Government Services Bureau
P.O. Box 200547
Helena, MT 59620-0547