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Montana Code Annotated (MCA) requires a Montana notary public to complete a full notarial block each and every time a notarial act is performed, even when the form does not ask for all the information.

The following are the steps that must be completed each and every time:

1.  The venue - this is the state and county in which the notarial act was performed.  This is not always the state and county in which the notary resides or works.

2.  The date the notarial act was performed. This may not always be the same date that the document was completed and/or signed.

3.  A written description of what type of notarial act the notary performed. The notary may need to refer to MCA 1-5-610, Short Forms, or Resources to help with the wording and format.

4.  The notary's official signature, not a facsimile of their signature.  The official name on the Notarial Seal and the notary's official signature must correspond with the notary's commissioned name on file with the Office of the Secretary of State.

5.  The notary must type, stamp or print their official name legibly after their official signature.  This is in addition to their official name contained in their notarial seal. (The notary’s name should appear three times on every notarial block.)

6.  Title of the official who is performing the notarial act.   If a commissioned notary it would be "Notary Public for the State of Montana".  If not a commissioned notary, it would be the official title that gives them the authority to notarize documents in and for the State of Montana.

7.  The words "residing at" and the notary's city/town of residence.  This is not necessarily where the notary works or where the notarial act is being performed. It does not include the street or mailing address nor the county or state.

8.  The notary must also endorse the instrument with their current commission expiration date using month, day, & full four digit year The notary should make sure they are using the expiration date referenced on their certificate of commission.

9. The notary must affix their official "Notarial Seal."  A commissioned notary’s official seal must bear their name, exactly as it appears on their Certificate of Commission, the words "Notarial Seal" or “Notary Public” and "State of Montana".  If not a commissioned notary then the official seal would be that of the office that gives the person the authority to notarize in and for the State of Montana. Military personnel are not required to have a seal.

See Short Forms for descriptions and explanations of the correct format and samples of acceptable wording for proper notarial blocks.