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How do I vote a ballot?

Be sure to follow the voting instructions. Always mark your vote for only one issue or candidate, except where the instructions tell you that you can vote for more than one.

If you damage your ballot, make a mistake on it, or overvote, do not throw away your ballot, try to erase it, or scratch out a mistake – just ask an election judge for a new one. You may skip any offices without invalidating your ballot.

How do I vote a provisional ballot?

You have the option to vote a provisional ballot if your identity or eligibility to vote is questioned. If you are a provisional voter, an election judge will give you a ballot with a special provisional envelope for you to fill out.

Voting in Montana Elections

Registering to vote is easy. You can fill out a card at your county elections office, generally the county courthouse. Cards are also available online at and in most phone books, as well as at your driver's license bureau.

What should I know about voting at the polls?

Find the location of your polling place on your voter registration confirmation card. Or, you can call your county election administrator for the location.

When you enter your polling place, an election judge will greet you, ask your name, and confirm that you are registered to vote in that precinct. He or she will also ask you to show one form of ID. This can be any current photo ID that shows your name (for example, a driver’s license, school ID, state ID, or tribal ID) or a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, voter confirmation notice, government check or other government document that shows your name and current address.

If you forget your ID, you have many options. You can return to the polls when you have it, fill out a polling place elector ID form, or vote a provisional ballot, which will be counted if your identity and eligibility to vote can be verified.

What is the process for voting absentee?

In order to vote absentee, you will need to fill out an application, available from your county election administrator or on the Secretary of State's website at You may apply for an absentee ballot up until noon on the day before the election. When you receive your absentee ballot, fill in all of your choices. Then, place the ballot in the secrecy envelope that is provided for your use, follow all enclosed directions, and send the ballot to your county election administrator.

Voter Information Pamphlet

The information for each proposed ballot issue is the official ballot language written by the Attorney General's office, the text of each ballot issue, and the arguments and rebuttals for and against each ballot issue. The arguments and rebuttals have been prepared by each committee appointed to support each ballot issue and each committee appointed to oppose each ballot issue. The opinions stated in the arguments and rebuttals do not necessarily represent the views of the Secretary of State or the State of Montana. The State also does not guarantee the truth or accuracy of any statement made in the arguments or rebuttals.

Welcome from Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson

What Is the Voter Information Pamphlet?

Political Parties of Montana

Voting in Montana Elections

What's New for the 2006 Election Season 

Contact Your County Election Office
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Ballot Measure Worksheet
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Ballot Issues

Constitutional Amendments:

Constitutional Initiatives:


If you would like to receive additional copies of the VIP, or would like to receive it in large print, in Braille, on a CD, electronically, online, or in another accessible format, please contact the Secretary of State’s Office at 1-888-884-VOTE (8683), or email

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Toll-free Voter Hotline: 1-888-884-VOTE (8683)

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