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June 17, 2015 Voting System Testing – Certification and Final Report

April 17, 2015 Voting System Certification Application

Notice of voting system certification event

Montana’s paper ballots may be counted in two ways: hand count or with paper ballot optical or digital scan tabulators.  Either way ALL Montanans vote on a paper ballot.  Following is a list of the voting systems being used, by county.

Paper ballot tabulators

Model 650 (optical scan) and Model 850 (digital scan) are central count tabulators; Model 100 (opital scan) and Model 200 (digital scan) are precinct-level tabulators.  Tabulators are not connected to the Internet.

Counties conduct a public test of tabulators before each primary and general election.  Additionally a random test is conducted on election day.  A Post-Election Audit is conducted by each county that uses tabulators after federal primary and general elections.  The post-election audit consists of a hand-count of randomly selected contests and precincts.

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