Duties & Functions

Duties and Functions of the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is one of six executive-branch officers originally designated by the Montana Constitution of 1889. The current secretary, Corey Stapleton, took office in January 2017 and is the 21st person to hold the office since Montana became a state in 1889. In 1992, the Constitution was amended to limit the Secretary of State and other top officials to two 4-year terms in a 16-year period.

The duties and functions of the secretary of state are diverse. They include:

Duties & Functions

A complete list of the duties and functions of the Secretary of State is outlined in Title 2, Chapter 15, Part 4, of the Montana Code Annotated (2-15-401 MCA).


The Secretary of State’s Office is divided into five divisions:

The Secretary of State's main offices are on the second floor of the Capitol Building in Helena.