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What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. Cooperatives can be formed for a variety of purposes.

Montana law authorizes several types of cooperatives, which may operate for profit or not for profit.

Cooperative AssociationsCooperative Associations

Agricultural AssociationsAgricultural Associations

Cooperative Agricultural MarketingCooperative Agricultural Marketing

Rural Cooperative UtilitiesRural Cooperative Utilities

Cooperative Associations

Associations formed under Title 35, chapter 15, MCA, have all powers necessary to carry into effect the objects for which the associations may be formed, including those powers usually exercised by cooperative associations, subject to all duties, restrictions, and liabilities set forth in the general laws relating to similar corporations that are not limited or enlarged by this chapter. Annual stockholders meetings shall be held at a time fixed in the bylaws. If there are no bylaws, the meeting shall be held within 6 months after the close of the fiscal year.


Articles of Incorporation $20.00
Any Other Articles $10.00

Agricultural Associations

Under Title 35, chapter 16, MCA, any 10 or more holders of title or evidence of title to agricultural, horticultural, or farm lands in this state of an aggregate value of not less than $75,000 who may desire to form a company or district for the purpose of promoting or improving the production, processing, storing, warehousing, or marketing of any or all agricultural, horticultural, or farm or dairying products of the respective petitioners therefor may incorporate themselves into an agricultural corporation or cooperative agricultural district.


Articles of Incorporation $20.00
Any Other Articles $10.00

Cooperative Agricultural Marketing

Cooperatives formed under Title 35, chapter 17, MCA, are for the purpose of promoting, fostering, and encouraging the intelligent and orderly marketing of agricultural products through cooperation and to eliminate speculation and waste and to make the distribution of agricultural products as direct as can efficiently be done between producer and consumer, to stabilize the marketing problems of agricultural products, and to supply to its members necessary equipment. This type of cooperative is considered nonprofit because their purpose is not to make profits for themselves or their members, but only for their members as producers. Cooperative agricultural associations must provide for one or more regular meetings annually.


Articles of Incorporation $40.00
Any Other Articles $10.00


Rural Cooperative Utilities

Cooperatives formed under Title 35, chapter 18, MCA, are nonprofit membership corporations organized for the purpose of supplying electrical energy and promoting and extending the use of electrical energy in rural areas; making generally available adequate telephone service, cable television service, or broadband facilities through the improvement and expansion of existing telephone, cable television, or broadband facilities and the construction and operation of additional facilities as are required to ensure the availability of service to the widest practicable number of users of telephone service, cable television service, or broadband facilities; and for purposes allowable under federal authorization, including rural economic development activities. Annual meetings of the members are held at a time provided in the bylaws.

Articles of Incorporation $40.00
Any Other Articles $10.00

Mail Form(s) and Fees

Mail your completed form to our office with the appropriate
fee (fees can be found on the upper right part of each form).

Make payment to: Montana Secretary of State
and mail to:

Secretary of State
PO Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620

If you wish to use priority/over-night mail (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS Priority, etc.) use our physical mailing address of:

Secretary of State
1301 East 6th Ave Room 260
Helena MT 59620

Obtain Confirmation

Once we have successfully processed your document(s), you will be mailed a confirmation letter.

If your document is rejected for any reason, we will mail you a letter detailing the filing deficiency, along with your original document(s) to correct.

Rejected documents are subject to a reprocessing fee of 50% of the original filing fee.

We wish you the best in your business endeavors!

We wish you success on your business endeavor and encourage you to take full advantage of the tools and resources available on our website.

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