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What is SIMS (BE)?

The Secretary of State Information Management System (SIMS) Business Entity (BE) system will allow you to file and maintain all of your business documents online 24/7 from the convenience of your home or office. Save time, money, and get results in minutes instead of weeks.

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What's New?

File Online

Assumed Business Names (ABN)
Corporations (Profit, Nonprofit)
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Partnerships (LP, LLP)

Order and download copies online

Business Documents
Certificate of Fact

Personalized dashboard

Track the status of your document(s)
Track your unfinished business
Receive important business reminders
Monitor your subscription services
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What's Coming Next?

Individual’s Association with Business Entities Search

If you experience any difficulties performing this search, please contact our office.

Estimated Availability:
Paper Filings
Email Notifications

Please disregard any email notification stating your document will be removed from your records because it has exceeded its processing timeline.

Estimated Resolution:
Optional Fields

If you filed your document online and fields next to a label are blank, it indicates there was nothing entered by the user for that specific field.

Improvement: Hide blank optional fields.

Estimated Availability:
Watch List

The ability to monitor a business will be available soon.

Estimated Availability:
ABN Consent Letters

The upload for the consent letters is currently not available.

To work around this issue, please upload your consent letter as a supporting document.

Estimated Resolution:
Amend a Foreign Nonprofit

The system displays the words “Future Date” instead of the “Actual Date” for the previous value. However, the system does correctly display the new term.

Estimated Resolution:
Corporate Bulk Download

This service is temporarily unavailable.

Estimated Resolution:
Limited Partnerships
BIN (folder number)

The system incorrectly assigns a BIN (folder number) to partners that are not registered with our office as an active entity.

Estimated Resolution:
Registered Agents
Change of Registered Agent

Add the appointment date to the display for the new agent.

Estimated Availability:
RA Authority

System does not permit an agent with authority over a business to view the images of the filed documents.

However, it is still possible to view the history details of what was recorded against that entity.

Estimated Resolution:
PID Search

A PID Search does not consistently display the most current address for the registered agent.

To work around this issue, simply click the business entity link to see the current address.

Estimated Resolution:
Requesting Information
Individuals Associated with a Business

If the business entity returned is an ABN, we will remove the display of the words "owner unregistered."

Estimated Availability:
New Business Entity Report

The August Report was recently provided. The new report will be available soon.

Estimated Availability:

What's Not New?

The following items must be filed by paper:


Cooperative Associations
Agricultural Associations
Cooperative Agricultural Marketing Association
Rural Cooperative Utilities
Rural Cooperative Associations
Water Users Association


Geophysical Exploration Bonds
Geophysical Exploration Security Agreements
School Textbook Bonds
Pesticide & Grain Merchandising Bonds

Corporation Authorities

Regional Water and Wastewater Authority
Cemetery Associations
Mausoleum-Columbarium Authorities
Regional Resource Authorities
Municipal Housing Authorities
County Housing Authorities


Special Districts
Resort Area Districts
Water &/or Sewer Districts
Conservation Districts
Conservancy Districts
Grazing Conservation Districts

Financial Institutions

Credit Unions
Investment Companies
Trust Companies (except Business Trust and Fiduciary Trusts may be filed online)
Development Corporations
Building and Loan Associations


All mergers