What is ePass?

What is ePass?

What is ePass Montana?

ePass Montana allows you to access authorized eGovernment services using one username and password.

How do I login with ePass?

Step-by-step instructions and webinar videos are located on our Registration instructions page.

When I log into ePass Montana I see two options for logging in - ePass Montana and State Employee. What are they?

Depending on the service, mt.gov users can now choose which accounts to log into for access to mt.gov services.

  • ePass Montana is the same account you have been using in the past. ePass provides access to all authorized eGovernment services.
  • State Employee Login is only for those who are state employees conducting state business.

Why do I need two accounts, one for ePass and one for SIMS?

ePass allows you to access SIMS and other state applications using one username and password. SIMS requires an account in order to allow access to your appropriate companies. Both accounts are accessed from one ePass login after they are initially created.

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