Search for a Business

Search for a Business

To search for a business
  1. Click the "Search for a Business" link on the SIMS (BE) home page.
  2. Enter the business name or Business Identification Number, click search. NOTE: You may select a specific register from the drop down listing of registers. System defaults to "any register."
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Register Definitions

Business Entities

Business Entities:
Displays Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships

Business Names

Business Names:
Displays Assumed Business Names and Foreign Business Names


Displays Trademarks and Service Marks.

Commercial Agents

Commercial Agents:
Displays registered agents that are commercial agents.

Search Tips

  • Enter the exact spelling of the business name.
  • The following name validation rules are applied to the name:
    • The words "the", "an", and "a" at the beginning of the name are ignored.
    • Spaces are ignored.
    • Special characters are ignored.
    • Upper and lower case is ignored.
    • Business identifiers (e.g., corporation, incorporated, company, etc., or their abbreviation) are ignored.
    • Numbers are converted to the spelling of the number.
    • Starts with logic is used.
  • If "no results" are returned, try entering variations of the business name.
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