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Uniform commercial codes, often referred to as UCCs, are important tools for enabling and supporting tribal economic and housing development by improving access to commercial and consumer credit.

Fundamental to the goal of building sound economies is the need for commercial laws that will enhance tribal business environments by reducing risks for outside lenders and other nontribal entities that do business with tribes, tribal enterprises, Native-owned private businesses and Native consumers.

Tribal commercial laws more effectively help achieve these goals if they are sufficiently similar, or harmonized, with the laws of the states and tribes, as business can be transacted more efficiently and cost-effectively when the law of the tribal jurisdiction in which outside parties are doing business is familiar to those parties. A comprehensive and culturally appropriate secured transaction code can be an important tool for tribes, Native-owned businesses and Native consumers that are encountering barriers to affordable credit. When adopted and implemented, these transaction codes will support and strengthen the effective exercise of tribal sovereignty.

The Crow Tribe located in Big Horn County, Montana is the first tribe in the nation to enact the Model Secured Transaction Act, Revised Article 9, as well as the first Nation to enter into a formal UCC filing system agreement under a tribal transactions law within their home jurisdiction.

Uniform Commercial Code
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Fax: (406) 444-3976

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Uniform Commercial Code
(406) 444-2468
Fax: (406) 444-3976