Elections and Government Services Administrative Rules of Montana Business Services Notary and Certification Records and Information Management

Proofreading Pointers

Print all pages (yellow paper is easier to read from).

Review all the necessary changes before you and your proofreading partner begin:

Refer to changes noted on "arm" version of Register notices--both proposal and adoption notices

Review changes to previous quarters' replacement pages (to see what types of problems you may have had in the past)

Be sure you have incorporated all rule changes

Look over all pages to confirm formatting and page dates are correct.  Looking at the hard copy can be the most effective way to find formatting errors.

Set aside a large enough block of time to ensure that you and your proofreading partner can complete large portions of the proofreading in one sitting.  By proofing all text on all your pages all at once, you will be better able to catch inconsistencies within your rules.  Take turns reading aloud to your partner.  Once you develop your system, speed and accuracy will follow.  Reading aloud can have a lulling effect, but remember, both of the proofreaders need to be concentrating on what is being said and thinking about the text (did something get left out, etc.?).

Confirm that the correct information has been added to the history notes in the correct format.

Be certain that you have made all the necessary changes to your Title and Chapter Tables of Contents and Cross Reference Table pages.

Proofread all pages and all rules, even those that were not amended.  This will help you identify problems with consistency and those changes that need to be addressed in future rulemaking.