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  • State Government Records
  • Local Government Records

Records are indispensable to the efficient and economical operation of government. They serve as the governmental memory; they are the evidence of past events and the basis for future actions. When records are created, maintained, and disposed of in a systematic and orderly fashion, they are a tremendous asset.

All public records have a specific value – whether administrative, fiscal, legal, historical, transitory, or produced by an outside source.  Some are so vital to an agency’s operation that they must be preserved for perpetuity.  Based on a record’s value, state and local governments adhere to retention schedules which determine how long the public record must be kept.

When records are no longer needed, they may be disposed of in a legally prescribed fashion — but only after the State or Local Government Records Committees have approved their disposal. 

If you have applied for and received delegated authority from the State Records Committee, you no longer need to use the RM5 form. You should now use the RM 88 form form which is your agency’s destruction form. This form must be kept within your agency for 30 years after the date of destruction.

State Government Records

If you want to dispose of state records, fill out the Records Disposal Request Form (RM-5) in the fillable word format and email to sosrecords@mt.gov.

Local Government Records

According to 2-6-1205, MCA, local officials must give 60 days notice to certain interested parties before destroying any record that is 10 years old or older. The law prioritizes the parties to be notified in this order:

  • The Montana Historical Society
  • The State Archives
  • Montana public and private universities and colleges
  • Local historical museums
  • Local historical societies
  • Montana genealogical groups, and
  • The general public.

If none of these entities claims the record within 60 days, the record may be destroyed as prescribed by state law. 

For a searchable list of records currently made available subject to the 60 day notice requirement go to http://lists.mt.gov/read/?forum=recordsdisposal.

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1. Complete a Request and Authorization for Records Disposal or Transfer Authorization form (Fillable Word or PDF). Agency is responsible to indicate whether the records are confidential or meet the 10-year rule requirement (see 2-6-1205, MCA).

2. Obtain authorized signatures and email/mail the form to:


Local Government Services Bureau
P.O. Box 200547
Helena MT 59620-0547

If records meet the 10-year rule requirement, Records and Information Management will post the records title(s) and disposal years on the 60 day notification listserve.

3. If contacted during the 60-day period, transfer the records to the requesting party. The requesting party is required to pay all costs associated with the transfer. The Local Government Records Committee recommends that each local government agency draft its own policy to handle situations in which more than one party requests a specific record.

More information about record disposal is available from Records and Information Management at the Secretary of State's Office, (406) 444-9000 or e-mail sosrecords@mt.gov.