Education Materials

Educational Materials

Handouts from 2016 Montana Notary Conference

Getting Your Acts Together HandoutGetting Your Acts Together – This workshop zeroed in on unlocking the mysteries of various notarial acts. (Tom Wrosch)
Special Signers and Challenging Circumstances HandoutSpecial Signers & Challenging Circumstances – Like most other professions, the actual performance of the job is much more complex than many people realize. This workshop focused on being prepared for the unexpected. (Laura Biewer)
Notary 201-Advanced Class HandoutNotary 201 - Advanced Class – This workshop explained how to take your notary knowledge and skills to the next level, giving you the tools to become the best notary you can be. (Kathleen Butler)
The Trouble with Titles HandoutThe Trouble with Tribbles Titles – This workshop provided the information to make notarizing Montana motor vehicle titles “no tribble at all”! (Lori Hamm)
Regulatory Updates for Signing AgentsRegulatory Updates for Signing Agents – This workshop covered the recently implemented regulations for mortgage closings and previewed pending changes. (Bill Anderson)