Elections and Government Services Administrative Rules of Montana Business Services Notary and Certification Records and Information Management

Notaries are frequently asked to notarize documents that do not have a pre-printed notarial block. It is not necessary to refuse this request. Once you have determined what type of notarial act is required, simply write, type, print, or affix a proper notarial block as required by 1-5-610, MCA.
For your convenience we have prepared printable notarial blocks for the most common requests that you can copy and print onto the document or onto a mailing-type label which can be affixed to the document and then completed. If you cannot print directly to the document or onto a label, you can print to a separate piece of paper that can be attached to the document (See below for additional language that must be added to the notarial block if a separate piece of paper is used.)

There are two versions for each type of block – one that is designed to copy or paste directly onto a document you are creating, and a downloadable page designed to print on Avery© shipping labels, #18163, (2 in. x 4 in.) that print out ten to a sheet. Your stamp will not completely fit on the label, which is okay; stamping partially on the label and partially on the document directly is advised.

If you need more information about when to use which type of notarial block, click here.

* We have combined the statutory language for signatures and acknowledgements into one printable block that can be used for either act.  If you are witnessing a signature, simply cross out (line through) the words “or acknowledged.”  If you are taking an acknowledgement, cross out (line through) the words “signed or.”  That leaves the proper language for the appropriate notarial act.

Additional language that must be included with the notarial block below if it is to be printed on a separate piece of paper and attached to the document (a “loose certificate”):

[Printable Avery version of six per page (requires the larger 3-1/3 in. x 4 in. labels, Avery 8464]

This Notarial Certificate is to be attached to, and associated with, only the following document:

Type of Document:_________________________________________

Date of Document:_________________________________________

If property is being sold or ownership is being transferred on the basis of this document, the description of the property is: (Include legal description, property address, or vehicle identification number, make and model, etc.):