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“I’d like to thank the public for nominating an impressive group of well-qualified notaries for Montana Notary of the Year. This award recognizes the invaluable work done by Montana’s notaries public, and I applaud every notary for their exceptional service.”

- Secretary of State Linda McCulloch

Karla Bachmeier Helena Centralized Service Div., DLI
Robbin P. Bartley Roundup Radio Shack
Kathy Bockness Miles City Bureau of Land Management
Colleen Brockett Helena Unemployment Insurance, DLI
Joseph Calnan Clancy retired
Florentino W. Casem, Sr. Great Falls UPS Store
Sue C. Casem Great Falls UPS Store
Maria Cervantez Billings District 7 HRDC
Davina DeShaw St. Ignatius Mission Valley Properties
Leslie A. Duffy Helena Job Service Bureau, DLI
Colleen Erickson East Glacier Park self
Cheryl Fuge Lolo Bitterroot Valley Bank
Ashlie Goad Belgrade Valley Bank of Belgrade
Lore L.Grayson Victor Missoula Job Service
Donette Groth Rudyard Wells Fargo Bank
Mary Hainlin Helena MT Dept. of Labor and Industry
Susan M. Hedrick Belgrade Valley Bank of Belgrade
Sharon Kenitzer Polson Lake County Treasurer
Rita Kuka Great Falls Lutheran Social Service
Jere Manning Hysham Manning International, Inc.
Michelle R.Martin Billings Harkins Law Firm, PC
Judy McMaster Helena MEA-MFT
Marlene Olson Great Falls MT Dept. of Labor and Industry
Syd Paramore Missoula Flanagan's Inc.
Kelsey Phillips Belgrade Valley Bank of Belgrade
Annie Puhrmann Potomac U.S. District Court
Donna K. Reum Wolf Point Roosevelt County Attorney
Monica Russell Belgrade Valley Bank of Belgrade
Phyllis D. Smith Lewistown Fergus County Clerk of District Court
Marilyn Taylor Malta CHMS, PC
Roger A. Thomsen Billings Billings Job Service
Bonnie Jo Young Wolf Creek Wolf Creek School