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October 30, 2012
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2012 Montana Student Mock Election

2012 Montana Student Mock Election A Success;
Thousands of Students Learn Importance of Civic Engagement

EAST HELENA, MT – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and School Administrators of Montana (SAM) Executive Director Kirk Miller said that over 100 Montana schools are slated to participate in the 2012 Montana Student Mock Election, which will amount to between 11,000 and 16,000 students.

The statewide program provides middle school and high school students a unique opportunity to voice their opinions on public issues while gaining a better understanding of the value of voting in every election.

“When students learn at an early age how important it is to participate in the civic process, they are more likely to vote once they become eligible,” Secretary McCulloch said. “The mock election is a fun and effective way to secure future voters and a promising future for Montana.”

The 2012 mock election ballot includes actual federal and statewide candidate races, as well as a handful of ballot issues and a polling question related to the school schedule. Voters are also asked to prioritize key national issues by ranking the economy, education, energy, environment, health care and national debt.

“We are excited about how interested our schools across Montana are in the 2012 election,” Director Miller said. “The ability to promote civic responsibility is something that both SAM and the Secretary of State’s office have worked together on for the past several years, culminating in this year’s mock election and tens of thousands of Montana students expressing their interest on the items important to our state and nation.”

“Our democracy depends on actively engaged citizens who know and understand how government works,” McCulloch said. “Thank you to the students, the teachers, the schools and to each of the sponsoring organizations for taking an active interest in securing this public knowledge.”

Partnering organizations for the 2012 Montana Student Mock Election include the Montana Secretary of State’s Office, School Administrators of Montana (SAM), National Student/Parent Mock Election, Montana Office of Public Instruction, and Montana public schools.