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October 9, 2012
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Absentee Voting Opens With Counties Mailing Record Number of Ballots;
Secretary of State Linda McCulloch to Vote by Absentee Ballot at 1 p.m.

HELENA, MT – Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Linda McCulloch on Tuesday announced that counties kicked off the absentee voting period by mailing a record 229,178 ballots to the state’s identified absentee voters. The mailing will reach more than 34% of the state’s 664,920 registered voters – which is a 12% increase over the opening day mailing of absentee ballots in the 2010 General Election.

Voter with Identification“More and more Montanans are voting by absentee ballot,” Secretary McCulloch said. “We had a record 61% of the total votes cast by absentee ballot in the Primary, and I fully expect that number to rise for the General Election.”

Any registered voter may vote absentee by signing up for the Annual Absentee List or filling out an Application for Absentee Ballot at the county election office, or downloading one from the Secretary of State’s website at sos.mt.gov/Elections. The Application must be received at the county election office by noon the day before the election. The voted absentee ballot must be received at the county election office by the close of polls on Election Day (8:00 p.m.).

“Voting by absentee ballot is easy, convenient and secure,” Secretary McCulloch said. “And now, folks can now track their ballot from practically anywhere in the world.”

Voters can track their absentee ballot, lookup their polling place location, check their voter registration status, and view a precinct-specific sample ballot with “My Voter Page”, which can accessed on the Secretary of State’s website and through the Apple Store/Droid Market.

Every federal election year, the Secretary of State produces a Voter Information Pamphlet (VIP) with information on the General Election ballot issues. (The VIP does not include candidate information.) Hard copies of the pamphlet were also mailed Tuesday to every household with at least one registered voter. It is accessible in alternative formats, including Braille, audio, large-print, CD and electronic. To request additional copies or an alternative format, contact the Secretary of State’s Office by calling 1-888-884-VOTE (8683) or TTY (406) 444-9068.

*The number of registered and absentee voters in Montana is subject to change.
*Secretary of State Linda McCulloch will cast her absentee ballot at the Lewis and Clark County Election Office at 1:00 p.m.