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July 16, 2012
Contact: Terri McCoy, (406) 444-2807

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch Unveils “Treasured” Montana Artist
Sheryl Hester, of Kalispell

HELENA, MT – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is pleased to introduce Sheryl Hester, of Kalispell, as the next “Treasured” Montana Artist. Hester is a self-taught photographer and digital artist who draws her inspiration from nature and spending time in the great outdoors.

Sheryl Hester and Secretary of State Linda McCulloch“Sheryl is a third generation Montanan, whose artistic technique is unlike anything I have seen before,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Her interpretation of everyday images garners intrigue and makes you contemplate the benefits of exploring your own imagination.”

Sheryl Hester’s exhibit features digital photographs that are altered into completely new images using the original colors and shapes contained in the photograph. A photograph of a bird may be digitally hand-painted to portray a horse, or a plant may be altered to portray a person. The effect is an abstract and often whimsical design inherently connected to the people, places and things in Montana.

“Our beautiful state has always inspired me to be creative,” Hester said. “I’ve explored many forms of art in my lifetime, and this new approach offers me creative freedom which is the most rewarding. I am honored to have been chosen as a “Treasured” Artist, as I aspire to keep developing this technique and sharing my visions with new audiences.”

During her childhood, Hester was exposed to the work of renowned artist C.M. Russell. Russell was a friend of her Great Aunt and Uncle, and being surrounded by his legacy influenced her to celebrate Montana through her own artistic expression.

“I launched this exhibit to showcase artists like Sheryl,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Her art stems from growing up in our Treasure State, and being exposed to its natural beauty, history and culture. It is my pleasure to welcome her to the Capitol as the year’s last “Treasured” Montana Artist.”

Sheryl Hester’s exhibit will be on display July through December 2012 in the front lobby of the Secretary of State’s Office, which is located in the State Capitol Building in Helena. It is available at no cost to the public. Past and present “Treasured” Montana Artist exhibits are featured in an online gallery at sos.mt.gov/Gallery.