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February 13, 2012

Contact: Terri McCoy, 406-444-2807

Secretary McCulloch Prepares Election Officials for 2012 Elections;
Provides Training and Biennial Certification for Election Administrators and Staff

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch with Montana clerk and recorders.BILLINGS – Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Linda McCulloch thanked Montana’s county election officials for the exceptional job they do, and stressed that the success of future statewide elections depends on a continued cooperative effort between state and county election offices.

The message was received by a crowd of more than 120 people attending the Secretary of State’s Certification Workshop for election officials at the Holiday Inn Grand in Billings on Monday, February 13. The biennial workshop provides election officials hands-on training in a number of important areas.

“We’ve hit the ground running in preparing for the 2012 elections,” McCulloch said. “This workshop helps to ensure that every county is on the same page with regard to following a uniform application of Montana’s election laws and procedures.”

McCulloch was joined by her elections staff, seasoned county administrators, and members of the Montana Elections and Technology Advisory Council (METAC) in presenting best practices for preparing for, running and wrapping up a successful statewide election. McCulloch also outlined some of the new and improved online tools available to voters for the 2012 elections.

“Advancing our technological efforts has improved the voting experience in Montana by increasing transparency and confidence in the election process,” McCulloch said. “Thanks to the exceptional work and commitment of our election officials, Montana continues to have the best run and most secure elections in the nation.”

Montana law provides that the Secretary of State hold at least one workshop every two years to train election administrators and their staff on elections procedure and the use of materials. Attendees of the training receive a “certificate of instruction”, which is valid for two years. (MCA 13-1-203)