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January 31, 2011

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Secretary Linda McCulloch Supports State Pay Plan Agreement
Asks Legislature to Approve House Bill 13

HELENA – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch on Monday urged lawmakers to approve the State Employee Pay Plan as ratified by union members. The agreement calls for a 1% increase in salaries for most public employees in 2012, and a 3% increase in 2013.

“Over the past two years, state employees have been forced to assume greater responsibilities, pay higher health care premiums and cover the costs of inflation all while dealing with a harsh pay-freeze,” McCulloch testified in the House Appropriations Committee. “We have the money for this agreement. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

Montana is currently sitting on a reserve of $330 million. Contributing to the reserve are state employees who negotiated a two-year pay freeze in 2009. When the Legislature approved the pay freeze, Secretary McCulloch promptly refused her statutory pay increases in support of all state employees.

“This is a fair and negotiated pay plan,” McCulloch said. “Montana’s hardworking state employees are counting on you. Their families are counting on you. Vote “yes” for House Bill 13.”