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June 9, 2010

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McCulloch Successfully Launches NEW Election Night Reporting Service;
Says Online Service Provides State’s Most Detailed Election Results

HELENA, MT – Montana Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Linda McCulloch announced on Wednesday the successful launch of the office’s new online election night reporting service.

The Secretary of State’s Election Night Reporting Service was publicly tested to report unofficial Primary Election results on Tuesday, June 8. Users were able to view election results by county and precinct levels while also navigating interactive mapping features and printable export lists.

“When voters can go online and see how their vote counted all the way down to the precinct level, it helps demonstrate just how important every vote is,” McCulloch said. “For the first time in Montana, folks were able to access this type of detailed information on a statewide basis within minutes after counties started uploading results.”

The new online service works in coordination with all 56 of Montana’s Election Administrators and Clerk & Recorders. On Primary Election night, results were entered locally at each county elections office.

“We developed this service for two reasons,” McCulloch said. “We wanted to report detailed information to the public in a timely manner while also providing for Montana’s elections officials a seamless transition from ballot creation, to elections results, to official canvass.”

“We’ve received a great response from the public and great cooperation from the County Election Administrators,” McCulloch continued. “Without their support, this level of election night reporting would not be possible. I look forward to fine-tuning this service for November’s General Election and for future elections in Montana!”

The unofficial results from Tuesday’s Primary Election will be available to the public until the official canvass is certified in June. Montanans can access the site from the Secretary of State’s homepage at sos.mt.gov. (The direct link can be found at electionsresults.sos.mt.gov.)

Election Night Reporting from the Montana Secretary of State

REMINDER: The Secretary of State’s Election Night Reporting System will report election night results starting at 8:00 p.m. for the General Election on November 2, 2010. The public will be able to access the site from the Secretary of State’s homepage @ sos.mt.gov.