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May 28, 2009

Terri McCoy, 444-2807

Legislature Sustains All 6 of Governor Schweitzer's Remaining Vetoes:
Override attempts will all fall short of required 2/3 margins
New law forbids legislators from changing mail ballot veto override votes once received by the Secretary of State

(Helena) - Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch today announced that the Montana State Legislature has sustained all six of Governor Schweitzer's remaining vetoes from the 2009 legislative session.

In order to override a Governor's veto, 2/3rds of the members of each house must vote for an override. Bills that receive a veto override poll include only the bills that were approved by final vote of two-thirds of the members voting on the bill.

"With more than one-third of the House of Representatives having voted to uphold the remaining vetoes, the current tally now makes it mathematically impossible to override the Governor's vetoes," said McCulloch.

The following bills will remain vetoed:

SB 460: Committee to oversee and evaluate stimulus package funding
HB 629: Revise distribution of certain school revenue
SB 291: Montana railroad authority
SB 349: Revise state bidding requirements to protect proprietary information
SB 371: Clarify applicability of "at work" for work comp purposes
SB 403: Revise electricity laws

Due to a recent change in the law, this is the first year that the outcome of the mail ballot veto override poll can be determined before all 150 legislators have cast their ballot with the Secretary of State's Office.

During the 61st Legislature, State Representative Janna Taylor introduced HB192, which prohibited any state legislator from changing their vote on a mail ballot veto override after their completed ballot had been received by the Secretary of State.

HB 192 became law on March 30th of this year and took effect immediately.