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A Celebration for the Passage of House Joint Resolution 9
Recognizing the Service of Montanans in the Armed Forces of the United States

April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009
Secretary of State’s Office

Brigadier General John Walsh, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger, Representative Tim Furey

(Helena) – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Representative Tim Furey (D-HD 91) today hosted a celebration for the bi-partisan passage of House Joint Resolution 9 in the Secretary of State’s Conference Room.

HJ 9 is a joint resolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Montana recognizing the dedication, professionalism and bravery of all Montanans who have served and will serve in the Armed Forces of the United States as part of the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism around the world.

“There are currently more than 3,000 Montana soldiers serving in active duty positions throughout the world,” said Rep. Furey. “These are Montanans that have volunteered to serve their country and the state. HJ 9 is one way that we can say thank you.”

The resolution requires the Secretary of State to send copies of HJ 9 to the Montana Congressional Delegation; the Secretaries of the United States Army, Navy and Air Force; the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard; and the Adjutant General of the Montana National Guard. Each respective recipient will be encouraged to forward the document to all Montanans in the Armed Forces.

“It will be my honor to support the men and women that help preserve our freedoms and liberties,” said McCulloch. “This resolution honors the great sacrifice made by all service personnel and their families.”

Special guests at the ceremony included Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger, MT National Guard Brigadier General John Walsh, and House Joint Resolution 9 legislative and public supporters.

To read the resolution, logon to http://leg.mt.gov/bills/2009/billhtml/HJ0009.htm

*House District 91 serves Bonner and Piltzville.