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Rock Your Registration

September 25, 2012
CONTACT: Terri McCoy, (406) 444-2807

“Rock Your Registration” With Secretary of State Linda McCulloch;
Gain the Information Needed to Help You Vote in the General Election

HELENA, MT – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is encouraging Montana voters to “Rock Your Registration” during the last week of September by registering to vote and checking existing voter registration records to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date before the General Election on November 6, 2012.

“We’re all looking forward to an exciting election,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Whether you’re planning to cast an absentee ballot or head to the polls, getting all your ducks in a row now will help you vote with more ease and confidence.”

McCulloch reminds Montanans that they can register and vote right up through the close of polls on Election Day. Those who choose to register to vote after October 9 must late register in person at the county election office, or at the location designated by the county election administrator. Late voter registration is temporarily closed between noon and 5:00 p.m. on the day before the election. Absentee ballots are also not issued during that time.

“In Montana, one vote can swing an election,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Rock your registration and make plans to vote and have your voice be heard.”

Registered voters can check their voter registration record, find the location of their polling place, track the status of their absentee ballot, and view a precinct-specific sample ballot online with “My Voter Page” (MVP). Voters can access the MVP site at sos.mt.gov.

2012 Election Reminders
October 9 –Close of regular voter registration. (Postmarks accepted)
October 10 –Beginning of late registration. (Must be done in person at designated location)
November 6 –Election Day; Close of late registration. (Late registration closes at noon on Nov. 5, reopens on Nov. 6)