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Redefining the "MVP"

by Secretary of State Linda McCulloch

HELENA - If you’re a Montana resident and a citizen of at least 18-years-old, you may qualify for the Secretary of State’s MVP.

Sports fans award it to the “most valuable player.” In business, it’s the “most valuable professional.” And in the world of elections, the MVP is enhancing the way we vote.

MVP: My Voter Page. Find your polling place, track absentee ballot, view sample ballot.“My Voter Page” is an online elections tool that provides voters direct access to the information they need to more conveniently participate in state and federal Primary and General elections. By entering your name and birth date, you can check your voter registration, view a sample ballot, find the location of your polling place, and track the status of your absentee ballot. Best of all, every registered voter in Montana is qualified to use it.

So while it’s not the kind of MVP you can place on your mantle or desk, it’s the only one that celebrates your citizenship by making it easier to vote and be active in our Democracy. You can get started in just two easy steps by visiting “My Voter Page” at sos.mt.gov.

Step One: If you qualify to vote in Montana, register if you haven’t done so already. If you are already registered, log on to MVP to check the accuracy of your voter registration record. This will help to ensure that your County Election Administrator has the correct information on file to determine your eligibility to vote, the location of your polling place, and your mailing address for absentee ballots and other elections-related material.

Step Two: Once your voter registration is confirmed, the MVP will display your precinct, Senate and House district, and a sample ballot. If you plan to head to the polls to vote on Election Day, you can view a map and print directions to your polling place. You can also access an Annual Absentee List Application, if you’re interested in voting by absentee ballot. Once the application has been returned to your county election office, you can use the MVP to track the status of your ballot through Election Day.

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights we share as Americans. Our Democracy and elections process should not be taken for granted. Register if you haven’t done so already, and visit “My Voter Page” to more easily vote in the Primary election on Tuesday, June 5.