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Primary Election Results Available on Secretary of State's Website
Statewide and County Results Available Down to Precinct Level

HELENA, MT - Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Linda McCulloch says Montanans can start viewing 2012 Primary Election results on the Secretary of State's website shortly after the polls close on Election Day.

"Every Montanan can view immediate and comprehensive election results as soon as the counties start reporting them," Secretary McCulloch said. "It's a transparent process that allows every voter to see the results as soon as they are available."

The Secretary of State's Election Night Reporting Service will be available beginning at 8:00 p.m. on the Secretary of State's homepage at sos.mt.gov.

The online tool will provide 2012 Primary Election results down to precinct levels for all statewide, state district, and county races, as well as the results for all ballot issues. It will include the percentage of precincts that have fully or partially reported results, interactive mapping features, possible recount races, and voter turnout.

The service works in coordination with Montana's 56 county Election Administrators, who will be entering the results as they become available.

"Montana's election officials do a great job ensuring the quality of every Montana election," Secretary McCulloch said. "Without their hard work and support, this great public service would not be possible."

The unofficial results from the 2012 Primary Election will be available to the public until the official canvass is certified in late June. Montanans can access the site from the Secretary of State's homepage at sos.mt.gov, or from Secretary McCulloch's social networking sites.

"While you're waiting for the results to trickle in, download a digital "I Voted" sticker to show your pride in voting," Secretary McCulloch encouraged. "I shared mine on Facebook and Twitter!"

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch's Facebook and Twitter pages are accessible from the Secretary of State's homepage at sos.mt.gov.