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December 6, 2011

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McCulloch Announces Record Online Filings for 2011 Annual Reports;
Online Filings Save Time, Money, and Resources for Businesses/Government

HELENA – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch on Tuesday announced that a record number of businesses filed their Annual Reports online in 2011. Early in her term, McCulloch prioritized the improvement of online services to reduce office spending and provide customers more convenient options for conducting business with the state.

“I cut office spending by more than $1.3 million dollars in my first year,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Eliminating unnecessary spending while improving the office’s online services helped to ensure continued savings without compromising our quality customer service.”

Nearly 97,000 businesses filed their Annual Report online in 2011, which is a steady increase over the previous record of 92,000 in 2010. The increase in online filings follows the 2009 launch of Secretary McCulloch’s electronic alert system, which reminds business owners of both the deadline for filing the legally required financial report and the benefits of doing so online.

“Online filings have gone up 17% since the launch of my electronic alert system,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Time is money, and with 90% of business owners filing their Annual Report online, we continue to reduce waste, increase productivity, and make it easier for folks to do business in Montana.”

Montana law requires Foreign and Domestic Corporations and Limited Liability Companies to file an annual financial report with the Secretary of State’s Office. Businesses that fail to file the report on an annual basis lose the authority to legally operate in Montana.