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February 2, 2010

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McCulloch Announces $26,000 in Office Savings
New Online Renewal Notification Service Eliminates Unnecessary Printing and Postage; Additional Spending Cuts Expected in 2010

HELENA – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch today announced that a new Annual Report renewal notification process for businesses has cut office spending by more than $26,000 in one month – January 2010.

“I’m committed to cutting costs without cutting corners,” McCulloch said. “These savings add to my ongoing efforts to reduce wasteful spending and increase office efficiency.”

Prior to 2010, the Secretary of State’s Office mailed paper renewal notifications to each business that filed an Annual Report in the previous year. Those mailings often cost the office more than $100,000 in printing and postage fees.

To cut spending in 2010, McCulloch ordered a new policy of sending online renewal notifications to all businesses, which eliminates the need to send a paper notification to most filers. Paper notices will only be sent to businesses which have failed to file 30 days before the April 15th deadline.

“Technology has advanced, and the cost of paper is generally needless overhead,” McCulloch added. “The new system has streamlined our efforts to efficiently notify businesses about Annual Report renewals, and I hope every business will take advantage of our improved online services.”

By reducing both the number of paper renewal notices and the cost associated with paper mailings and by eliminating the prolonged need for a temporary employee to process paper filings, cuts in office spending will continue throughout the year.

Achievements Associated with McCulloch’s New Renewal Process

January 2010

  • January 2010 Postage/Printing Savings = $24,114

  • January 2010 Temporary Employee Salary Savings = $2,184

  • January 2010 Online Adoption Rate = 99%

  • Single-Day Record for Online Filings = 3,934

Montana law requires businesses to file an Annual Report with the Secretary of State’s Office. Businesses that fail to file the report on an annual basis can lose the authority to legally operate in Montana.