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Secretary McCulloch Encourages Montanans to Contact Legislature

March 4, 2009

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch Opened the Montana House of Representatives on January 5, 2009.
State Capitol

(Helena) – As the Legislature embarks on the second half of the 2009 Legislative Session, the state’s chief elections official would like to remind the public that a true democracy reflects the will of the people. Informed and active citizens bring out the best in state government, and Secretary Linda McCulloch encourages every Montana voter to become engaged in the Legislative process.

"An increasing number of people are reaching out to their legislators to share ideas, suggestions or concerns," said McCulloch. "I hope that trend grows during the remainder of the 2009 Legislative Session, and continues throughout my term in office."

The Session Information Center reported a busy first half for the 2009 Legislature. Employees have already fielded close to 13,000 calls for lawmakers. The last session attracted only 12,284 calls.

"The process doesn’t work without public input," said McCulloch. "It’s a very simple equation--Elected officials represent Montana taxpayers, so our work should represent their views."

To monitor from your computer the 2009 Legislative Hearings or Floor Sessions, logon to http://www.leg.mt.gov/