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Secretary of State Linda McCulloch Urges Lawmakers
to Support Post-Election Audits

January 16, 2009

(Helena) – Secretary of State Linda McCulloch today supported fair and accurate elections by urging lawmakers to require post-election audits of voting machines.

“The purpose behind SB155 is to confirm the accuracy of the vote count and the integrity of the elections system so that voters in the state of Montana have confidence that their vote has counted,” said McCulloch during her testimony before the Senate State Administration Committee. “It also ensures that the outcome of the election reflects the will of the people of the state of Montana.”

The post election audits outlined in the bill propose a hand-count of randomly selected races and precincts in each county that uses vote tabulating machines, following a federal election. This hand-count would supplement existing testing procedures.

“This bill was drafted to make Montana elections more transparent,” said McCulloch. “It is a good thing for Montana voters.”

Senate Bill 155 is a collaborative effort between the office of the Secretary of State, the Montana Association of Clerks and Recorders and the League of Women Voters. Senator Mike Cooney (D-Helena) is the bill’s sponsor.