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Cultural Interchange with the Secretary of State:
Building a bright future for a remarkable generation

April 15, 2009

Cultural Interchange with the Secretary of State

April 15, 2009
Secretary of State’s Office

(Helena) – Civic education enhances cultural understanding and improves academic development. It is particularly beneficial to international students interested in learning more about government and politics in the United States.

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch today hosted an international cultural interchange of civic education. The informal meeting included an overview of the Secretary of State’s office and a detailed look at Montana’s electoral process.

“American government is a fascinating topic for most exchange students. Our democracy is unlike that of any other nation, so I always get a lot of great questions,” says McCulloch.

The Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) spearheads the academically competitive program. Many participants are selected for US Congressionally funded scholarships and are considered some of the brightest students in their countries. CCI Volunteer Coordinator Martha Walters says Government Day is the highlight of the exchange.

“Our students experienced this privilege in a dramatic and personal way. In most nations, highly placed officials are inaccessible to the ordinary citizen,” says Walters.

“I probably learn as much from these students as they learn from me,” says McCulloch. “It’s a unique experience for everyone involved.”

The group will also visit Governor Brian Schweitzer, Supreme Court Justice James Rice, and the Senate and the House of Representatives of Montana.