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Shaila Sorenson

Shaila Sorenson is the sole proprietor of Dancing Moonbeam Art in Bozeman, Montana. She credits the diversity and variety of her artistic creations to her education, life experiences, cultural heritage and rich emotional and spiritual life.

Press Release

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is providing Montana artists the opportunity to display their work in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s office in the historic Capitol building in Helena. The exhibit will be rotated throughout the year in order to give artists from all over the state this special opportunity. The Secretary of State encourages the public to visit our office and view the “Treasured” Montana Artist Exhibit at their leisure.

See some of the artists from past exhibits:

Treasured Montana Artist Statement

I see my basic goal as an artist as touching the heart while bringing visual and lor tactile pleasure to the viewer. My creative process is based on my inner spiritual and emotional life; I try to tap into feelings or reactions such as compassion, happiness, joy, fascination, warmth, wonder, playfulness, or tranquility while I work.

In this particular exhibit, l have chosen work that shows off butterflies within a wide context as in nature, fantasy, children's storybook settings, magical moments, and dreamy spiritual context.

The life cycle of a butterfly is one of the greatest mysteries of nature. Historically, butterflies have often been used in stories and myths in magical ways ... the source of dreams, the breath of life, one's spiritual essence, the rebirth of the spirit, and the fertility of the earth. Butterflies have been used almost universally, to represent a soft, gentle, healing, and spiritually transforming force; they are seen as positive and restorative sources of strength and hope, happiness, joy. Butterflies generally evoke images of serenity, beauty, delicateness, and fragility, and even strength (monarch butterfly). I hope these prints have succeeded in capturing some of these feelings.

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