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Treasured Artist Randy McIntyre

Randy McIntyre began painting at the age of twelve and now owns and operates the Natural Canvas Art Studio in Eureka, Montana. His original paintings reflect a personal love for mountains, history and wildlife. He says the land serves as his inspiration, and his canvas.

Press Release

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is providing Montana artists the opportunity to display their work in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s office in the historic Capitol building in Helena. The exhibit will be rotated throughout the year in order to give artists from all over the state this special opportunity. The Secretary of State encourages the public to visit our office and view the “Treasured” Montana Artist Exhibit at their leisure.

See some of the artists from past exhibits:

Treasured Montana Artist Statement

My goal, artistically, is to bring nature and the West to people that were denied the opportunity to grow up in a region where the outdoors become part of your life. Although elk and mountain men are my favorite subjects, I like to portray the West and other natural themes like scenes of Northwest Montana, all NW wildlife, rodeos, and the “old west” as well as the "west of today" in my paintings.

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Detail is very important to me. I spend a lot of time studying animal's shapes, horns, legs, heads, eyes, etc., as well as the gear used by "cowboys" and "mountain men", and I work hard to portray this in all my paintings. In the spring, summer and fall, I spend at least one day a week roaming the local mountain trails looking for unusual landscape, rocks, trees, stumps and animals. I take a lot of pictures!

I paint with acrylic, do not use projectors, and try to keep my subjects and scenes as true to nature and the West as possible. I do this by not only painting on canvases, but on hide, horn, bone, antler and rock. My motto is "if it stands still I was meant to paint on it."

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