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Treasured Artist Betsey Hurd

Betsey Hurd received her BFA, cum laude, from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT with concentrations in ceramics and drawing. Her artwork is featured in galleries and exhibits across the nation, including at the White House in Washington, D.C.

Press Release

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is providing Montana artists the opportunity to display their work in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s office in the historic Capitol building in Helena. The exhibit will be rotated throughout the year in order to give artists from all over the state this special opportunity. The Secretary of State encourages the public to visit our office and view the “Treasured” Montana Artist Exhibit at their leisure.

See some of the artists from past exhibits:

Treasured Montana Artist Statement

All my life, I've been a horsey girl and have gotten to do just about everything on horseback, from foxhunting in Virginia to trailing cows in the Missouri Breaks of Montana, showing jumpers to starting colts. As a painter and sculptor my strength comes from depicting what I know; horses and cows, sheep, dogs — all the four-leggeds that I live with, and observe, daily. Cows and sheep both lend themselves to abstraction, because they have an endearing blockiness, and because they're cud chewers, and they lie around a lot. A horse is a lot of weight and power on perilously thin legs, balanced and beautiful, stalwart and frisky. It's hard to better an honest horse. 

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