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Treasured Artists Matt and Heather Holmes

Matt and Heather Holmes create raku-fired vessels, horse hair pottery, mixed media art, and oil paintings in Polson, Montana.

Raku means “ease”, “comfort”, or “enjoyment”. It is an ancient Japanese firing process in which the clay is cooled in the open air or a container filled with combustible material.

Press Release

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is providing Montana artists the opportunity to display their work in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s office in the historic Capitol building in Helena. The exhibit will be rotated throughout the year in order to give artists from all over the state this special opportunity. The Secretary of State encourages the public to visit our office and view the “Treasured” Montana Artist Exhibit at their leisure.

See some of the artists from past exhibits:


Treasured Montana Artists Statement

“Each time we open the container after the piece has cooled, it is a surprise. We never quite know what we are going to get with this process. It could be the barometric pressure, material it was cooled in, or simply our attitude at the moment we take it from the kiln. This unpredictability is why it is so exciting for us.”

Collection 1 | Collection 2

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