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The Secretary of State’s Office is divided into the following divisions:

Montana Secretary of State Centennial Program

The Secretary of State wants to honor Montana businesses that have been operating continuously for one hundred years.

In 1914 the following businesses registered with this office:

United Methodist Church of Scobey Scobey January 30, 1914

Bridger Ditch Company Bridger February 2, 1914

Pleasant View Cemetery Association of Dawson County Pleasant View February 19, 1914

The Westmore Cemetery Association Westmore February 19, 1914

Wisdom Cemetery Association Wisdom March 28, 1914

Malta Cemetery Association Malta April 13, 1914

Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital Glasgow April 21, 1914

The Carlyle Crown Hill Cemetery of Carlyle, Montana Carlyle April 27, 1914

Moccasin Cemetery Association Moccasin April 30, 1914

Sula Cemetery Association Sula May 11, 1914

The Dutton Cemetery Association Dutton July 8, 1914

First Presbyterian Church of Wolf Point, Montana Wolf Point July 30, 1914

Scobey Lutheran Church, Inc. Scobey October 13, 1914

Fire Department Relief Association of the City Of Deer Lodge Deer Lodge October 28, 1914

Dodson Cemetery Association Dodson December 1, 1914

The Fairview Cemetery Association Fairview December 21, 1914


Centennial Businesses