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The Secretary of State’s Office is divided into the following divisions:

Montana Secretary of State Centennial Program

The Secretary of State wants to honor Montana businesses that have been operating continuously for one hundred years.

In 1913 the following businesses registered with this office:

Anaconda Hill Cemetery Association Anaconda February 8, 1913

Congregational Bible Church of Fort Shaw Fort Shaw February 11, 1913

Bethlehem Congregational Church Worden February 21, 1913

The Deer Lodge Woman's Club Deer Lodge March 3, 1913

Glenwood Ditch Company Joliet March 7, 1913

Jefferson City Cemetery Association Jefferson City March 10, 1913

Great Falls Paper Company Great Falls March 29, 1913

St. James Parish  Bozeman March 29, 1913

Two Leggins Water Users Association Hardin March 31, 1913

The Pease Bottom Cemetery Association Treasure County April 21, 1913

Fairview Cemetery Association of Broadwater County Montana

Townsend May 5, 1913

Richland Farm Mutual Insurance Company formerly known as Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company of Dawson County

Sidney May 21, 1913

Dearborn Canal and Water Company Augusta May 29, 1913

Stanford Cemetery Association Stanford June 26, 1913

Baker Ditch Company  Manhattan July 12, 1913

Chinook Cemetery Association  Chinook August 14, 1913

The Redstone Cemetery Association Redstone August 20, 1913

The Sheep Shearers Merchandise and Commission Company

Butte August 26, 1913

Dixon Cemetery Association Dixon September 16, 1913

The Musselshell Cemetery Association Musselshell October 6, 1913

Grand Avenue Christian Church of Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman October 18, 1913

First Baptist Church of Havre  Havre November 17, 1913

The Crown Hill Cemetery Association  Teton County November 26, 1913


Centennial Businesses