Elections and Government Services Administrative Rules of Montana Business Services Notary and Certification Records and Information Management

Reinstate a Domestic Corporation or Domestic LLC

If you are a Domestic Montana Corporation (profit or non-profit) or a Domestic Montana Limited Liability Company that has been involuntarily dissolved, it may be reinstated within 5 years of the date of dissolution. In order to reinstate, you can print the forms, fill them out, obtain the Title 15 Tax Certificate from the Montana Department of Revenue (a single member LLC is not required to obtain a Title 15 certificate) and mail to our office along with payment**.

The filing fees would be:

  • $30.00 for a profit corporation
  • $35.00 for a limited liability company
  • $10.00 for nonprofit
  • Annual report fees are: $35.00 for each year in the past, and $20.00 for the current year (if filed on or before April 15 th, or $35.00 if filed after April 15 th)

In order to print the annual reports (Forms 18, 33, 43 or 53) you will need the folder id number or the name of the entity.

**There is a fee sheet that is attached to the reinstatement forms to determine your total cost for reinstating.

Type of Business Entity Forms Needed
Domestic Profit Corporation 33, 39, and 42
Domestic Non-Profit Corporation 53, 39, and 62

Domestic Limited Liability Company

18, 22, and 24

If the Domestic Montana Corporation or Limited Liability Company has been dissolved for more than 5 years you must re-register by using one of the following forms:

Type of Business Entity Forms Needed
Domestic Profit Corporation 34
Domestic Non-Profit Corporation 54
Domestic Non-Profit Religious Corporate Sole 55
Domestic Limited Liability Company 19
Domestic Business Trust 37

Re-registering a Foreign Corporation or Foreign LLC

If a Foreign Corporation (profit or non-profit) or a Foreign Limited Liability Company has been voluntarily or involuntarily revoked it cannot reinstate, but it may re-register by filing a “Certificate of Authority” and attach a currently dated “Certificate of Existence/Good Standing” from its state of jurisdiction along with the filing fee.

Type of Business Entity Forms Needed
Foreign Profit Corporation 44
Foreign Non-Profit Corporation 64
Foreign Limited Liability Company 25