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- Effective May 1, 2009 -

In accordance with Administrative Rule of Montana 44.5.121, which was implemented on September 1, 2002, the Montana Secretary of State’s office is required to charge a $20.00 handling fee for all documents each time they are submitted for priority handling and a $100.00 fee for all documents each time they are submitted for expedited handling. Montana Administrative Rules governs all fees charged by this office.

There are two exceptions to this rule. The first exception is for filings that concern a reinstatement of an entity where, in order to complete the transaction, there are multiple types of documents that must be filed to reinstate the entity. The other exception concerns certain applications for Certificate of Authority. Fees will be waived for mandatory filings for an Assumed Business Name when an out-of-state entity’s name is not available in the State of Montana.

If you submit a priority/expedite handling request for Articles of Organization and also request a Certificate of Existence or a certified copy of the document, your request will be assessed two priority/expedite handling fees, as required by Montana Administrative Rules. The first priority/expedite handling will cover the quick turnaround for the Articles of Organization, while the second priority/expedite handling fee will provide the rapid turnaround for the Certificate of Existence or certified copy. Please note that you have the option of requesting portions of your submitted documents be handled on a priority/expedite basis. For example, you may request the Articles of Organization be processed on an expedited/priority basis, while requesting that the Certificate of Existence or certified copies be handled on a regular basis. This type of request would only assess a single expedited/priority handling fee.

A request for an expedited/priority handling will insure your document is processed within a one hour or twenty-four hour period depending on the express service requested. The Secretary of State’s office averages between one to two days to fulfill a request for a Certificate of Existence or a certified copy of a filed document, and between two to five days for processing corporate filing documents such as Articles of Organization.

Should your submitted document be returned for deficiencies you must submit an additional priority/expedite handling fee if you want your resubmitted document handled within the limited timeframe available by express handling service.

Please feel free to contact us at 406.444.3665 if you have questions regarding this notice.

Thank you.