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State law, 35-1-308, MCA, requires a business name to be distinguishable in the records of the secretary of state from the name of another business currently on file with our office.

Business identifiers (and their abbreviations) are not considered distinguishable. Examples:

Incorporated, Inc, Corporation, Corp,  Company, Co, Limited, LTD, Professional Corporation, PC, Limited Liability Company, LLC, Limited Company, LC, Limited Liability Partnership, LLP, Limited Partnership, LP, Partnership

Examples of Business Names:

New Business
Attempting to File

Business on File with SOS

Name Acceptable for Filing

ABC Trails, LLC.

ABC Trails of Montana, Inc.

Yes, adding a word or words to the name makes it distinguishable

ABC Café Corporation

ABC Cafe, Inc.

No, business identifiers are not considered distinguishable

ABC Trucks, Inc.

ABC Truck, Inc

No, Plurals are not  considered distinguishable.