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Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit provides a variety of resources to help you easily complete business actions with the Secretary of Stateís Office. The step-by-step tools aim to answer your questions and reduce the time spent on each filing, so you can focus your energy on achieving your business goals.

Effective April 25th, 2014 - Business Services Documents resubmitted for processing will be assessed a reprocessing fee at 50% of the initial filing fee. The reprocessing fee will help offset operation costs associated with processing the document.

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Domestic” entities generally are organized under Montana law.

Foreign” entities generally are organized out-of-state, or in a foreign country.

Important News: Our business forms have been updated to be fillable online through our website. Please complete the form, print, sign, and submit to the Secretary of State’s office with the associated fee.
If the form does not load as fillable, try refreshing the page (Ctrl + F5) to load the new form.

Domestic Entities

Domestic Limited Partnership

Domestic Limited Liability Partnership

Domestic Limited Liability Company

Domestic Limited Liability Company Series

Domestic Profit Corporation

Domestic Nonprofit Corporation

Foreign Entities

Foreign Limited Partnership

Foreign Limited Liability Partnership

Foreign Limited Liability Company

Foreign Limited Liability Company Series

Foreign Profit Corporation

Foreign Nonprofit Corporation


Business Names Requiring Prior Approval

Business may not be transacted under a name or title that contains the words "bank," "banker," "banking," "savings bank," "saving," "trust company," or "investment company"  unless prior approval (consent) has been obtained from the Montana Department of Administration, Banking and Financial Institutions Division.

Business may not be transacted under a name or title that contains the word "insurance company," "captive insurance company," "incorporated cell," or "protected cell" unless prior approval (consent) has been obtained from the Montana State Auditorís Office, Department of Insurance.