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Administrative Rules of Montana
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Table of Contents (TOC)

  1. Submit a chapter's table of contents page if it has a change (for example, a new rule, a repealed rule, a changed catchphrase, or if you need to update or add the (REPEALED) or (TRANSFERRED) after the catchphrase).

  2. Remove hyphens in "subchapter".

  3. Center all "Subchapter ## reserved" lines.

  4. Align with catchphrases for all "Rule ##.##.### reserved" lines.

  5. For all reserved rules, use this format for ARM consistency (use entire rule number, lowercase "reserved," no period):
  6. Rules 44.2.103 through 44.2.106 reserved

  7. If a rule was repealed or transferred, add (REPEALED) or (TRANSFERRED) after the catchphrase. Remove any "IS HEREBY" text.

Tom Kreissler
Assistant ARM Editor
(406) 444-2055