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Before Submitting RPs...

  • As you prepare your replacement pages.

  • Print out all the pages you are submitting.

  • Double check the content.

  • If your pages have not yet been converted to Arial, submit by SUBchapter, not chapter.

  • If your pages have not yet been converted to Arial, submit entire Cross Reference Table if there's a change to it.

    • Use leader dot tabs (Format, tabs, alignment left, leader 2..., set tab at 4.1)
    • Set the ARM column at a left tab 4.1
    • Align the rule numbers with ARM.

  • If your pages have not yet been converted to Arial, submit entire chapter's table of contents if it has a change.

  • Remember: ARM staff does not compare your replacement pages with the Register notices or with existing pages, so make sure you have proofed all changes before submitting, and that the pages are print-ready.

1) As you prepare your replacement pages:

  • Accept any "track changes" features which were in the proposal or adoption notices, and turn off the track changes feature. The ARM Bureau cannot accept RPs with track changes in the document.

  • Copy and paste from the proposal notice, adoption notice, and any corrected notices. The correct version of the files to work from will have an "arm" extension in the file name.

  • Confirm the RP file you're working from is the updated and correct version of the page by comparing it to the hard copy in the green binders.

  • If you do not have an electronic version of the RP, contact the ARM Bureau. Do not retype the page, and do not copy it from a web page.

  • Use two people to proof your finished page, and proof from the proposal notice, adoption notice, and original RP.

  • If the rule's AUTH or IMP citations changed, add or remove citations in the cross reference table.

  • If the rule's catchphrase changed, change it in the chapter table of contents.

  • Name the file with the page number and an "rp" to properly identify the content of the file. For example, 44-5rp.doc to show the file is page 44-5, or 44-5 - 8rp to show the file contains pages 44-5 through 44-8.

2) Print out all the pages you are submitting.

  • Is the page left justified?

  • Is the heading at 1" and the footing at 10.2"?

  • Are rule numbers and sections/subsections tabbed at .5 inches?

  • Do right-hand pages have odd page numbers and vice versa?

  • Is the whole page in Arial 12?

  • Do headings on right-hand pages have the chapter name and last rule number on the page?

  • Do headings on left-hand pages have the first rule number on the page and the department name?

  • Is the quarter date in the footing the last day of the quarter you're submitting for, and formatted correctly (eg., 6/30/15)?

  • Did you leave at least an inch of empty space at the bottom of the page to allow for future expansion?

  • Does the page break at a logical place? In other words, at the end of a section/subsection, and not in the middle of a section or sentence?

3) Double-check the content.

  • In the consecutive pages you are submitting, are rule numbers sequential?

  • If rules are reserved, are they accounted for in the rule pages and the chapter table of contents?

  • Are reserved subchapters and chapters accounted for in the rule pages and the chapter table of contents?

  • Check the sections/subsections (earmarks). Are they all there and sequential?

  • Has all interlined text been removed? Has underlining from new text been removed?

  • If a rule refers internally to other rules, are those rule numbers still valid?

  • Do the history notes have the correct information in the correct format?

    ; AMD, 2005 MAR p. 1511, Eff. 8/12/05.) means the rule was amended in the 2005 Montana Administrative Register; the notice of amendment was on page 1511 (use the page number of the notice where the changes were adopted, not the proposal notice page number); and, the rule change was effective on 8/12/05, which is the day after the adoption notice was published.
Tom Kreissler
Assistant ARM Editor
(406) 444-2055