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Administrative Rules of Montana
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Rule pages:

  1. Reserve pages for future growth and to accommodate reserved rules, reserved subchapters, and reserved chapters. The "NEXT PAGE IS" notation must be to an odd-numbered page.

  2. Shift text so that more than half the page is full, but leave at least 1" of space between text and the footing on each page, to allow for future rule growth.

  3. Do not split rules midsection or midsentence when continuing the rule on another page. Try to keep the entire rule on one page, if there is still at least 1" of space above the footing. Try to keep subsections with the section.

  4. When rules shift to a different page, double-check and change the heading number accordingly.

  5. On right-hand (odd-numbered) pages, the heading rule number is on the right and is the last rule on the page, and the heading is the chapter name. On left-hand (even-numbered) pages, the heading rule number is on the left and is the first full rule on the page, and the heading is the department name.

  6. Try to renumber pages to eliminate decimal point page numbers and to leave more room for reserved rules and subchapters. Don't forget that you can change the page numbers on Chapter Reserved pages to allow for renumbering of subsequent table of contents pages.

  7. Even if only the formatting changed on a page, the page date must be changed to reflect the current quarter. Every page you submit must contain the current quarter date at the bottom.

  8. In the body of a repealed or transferred rule, the catchphrase must have (REPEALED) or (TRANSFERRED) between it and the history note (not IS HEREBY and not underlined).

  9. Do not use section or page breaks. Remove any existing section or page breaks.

  10. Remove any hard returns from the end of lines which do not end a (sub)section. Do not add hard returns at line ends - let the text wrap itself to the next line. Remove any existing hard returns.

  11. Do not hyphenate nonhyphenated words at line ends - keep the word whole and let the text wrap.

  12. In the history notes, remove "Sec." and "and", and add commas before "MCA" if they are missing.

  13. Center all "Subchapter ## reserved" lines.

  14. Tab to .5 for all "Rule ##.##.### reserved" lines.

  15. For all reserved rules, use this format for ARM consistency:

Rules 44.2.103 through 44.2.106 reserved (use entire rule number, lowercase "reserved," no period).

Tom Kreissler
Assistant ARM Editor
(406) 444-2055