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Administrative Rules of Montana
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Formatting Assistance for Replacement Pages

  • Don't retype rules! Errors are always introduced when rules are retyped. If the rule is 1997 or later and you don't have it electronically, contact the ARM Bureau. If your last possible option is retyping it, proof out loud with 2 people. If your other last possible option is taking if off the web, clear out ALL formatting and change the style to "normal" and then proof out loud with 2 people.

  • Reserve pages for future growth and to accommodate reserved rules, reserved subchapters, and reserved chapters.

  • Leave at least 1" of space between text and the footing on each page, to allow for future rule growth.

  • When rules shift to a different page, double-check and change the heading number accordingly.

  • Do not split rules in midsection or midsentence when continuing the rule on another page.

  • Top and bottom margin: .5
    Font: Arial
    Justification: left

    • All pages must be submitted electronically in Word, including organizational charts.

    • Heading typed on line 1; footing typed at 10.2 (line 52) (do not enter headers and footers as in Register).

    • Do not use section or page breaks.

    • In the History Notes, remove "Sec." and "and."

    • Do not add hard returns at line ends - let the text wrap itself to the next line.

    • Do not hyphenate nonhyphenated words at line ends - keep the word whole and let the text wrap itself.

    • On table of contents pages and in rule text, remove hyphens in "subchapter."

    • Change capitalization if needed to comply with the Gregg Reference Manual (325 and 326 especially applicable).

    • In rule pages, center all "Subchapter ## reserved" lines.

    • In table of contents pages, center all "Subchapter ## reserved" lines.

    • In rule pages, tab to .5 for all "Rule ##.##.### reserved" lines.

    • In table of contents pages, align with catchphrases for all "Rule ##.##.### reserved" lines.

    • For all reserved rules, use this format for ARM consistency: Rules 44.2.103 through 44.2.106 reserved (use entire rule number, lowercase reserved, no period).

    • Change internal references if the rule has been transferred (e.g., any Title 11, 16, 26, 46, some Title 8 rules).

    • In the table of contents and the rule, if a rule was repealed or transferred, add (REPEALED) or (TRANSFERRED) after the catchphrase.

How to Set Up Your Formatting in Word

1) Under the View drop down menu, use the Print Layout option.

2) Under the Tools dropdown menu, choose Options, then the View tab:

a) In the Formatting marks area, check the All box. This will reveal all the formatting marks in your document, which will help you to check for formatting mistakes before submitting your RPs.

In your document, tabs will be shown as arrows, spaces as floating dots, paragraph marks (hard returns) as , optional hyphens as 5, and any hidden text will be visible (do not use hidden text or optional hyphens in RPs). If you use hard spaces (Ctrl+Shift+spacebar), they will appear similar to a degree symbol.

b) Under the Print and Web Layout options, turn on Text boundaries, White space between pages, and Vertical ruler. Text boundaries is especially helpful in showing that your first and last lines of text are where they're supposed to be (1" and 10.2") and that text positioned on the margin is done so correctly (right tab set at 6.25"). These features will also help you find formatting problems before submitting your pages.

Tom Kreissler
Assistant ARM Editor
(406) 444-2055