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Administrative Rules of Montana
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What You Can and Can't Do Through Replacement Pages

  You can't...
NO Change: Anything that could possibly change the meaning of the rule
NO Correct: Spelling errors if the meaning of the rule is changed (e.g., not to now)

other errors

NO Correct: Other errors if the meaning of the rule is changed
NO Change: Other earmarking on rules       

NO Delete: Specific earmarked section references in text and/or history notes, e.g., 37-6-107(2) to 37-6-107, MCA
  You can...
YES Add: Comma before MCA in rule text and history note
YES Add:   Comma (or other punctuation) anywhere else in your rules
YES Add: (1) to unearmarked single-paragraph rules (only in very old rules)
YES Change:    Addresses and add Post Office box numbers
Phone numbers [Format: (406) 444-2055]
Web addresses
Department, division, bureau, and board names

YES Correct: Spelling errors if they do not change the meaning of the rule (e.g., eror to error) or if the error is a typo that appeared correctly in the proposal and/or adoption notice but was incorrect on the replacement page
YES Change:

Numbers to words and vice versa using this rule:

  • Spell out one through ten
  • Use numbers for 11 and greater (per Gregg)
  • See Gregg 402 for exceptions to spelling out numbers.

YES Change: References such as "eleven (11)" to "11" and "two (2)" to "two"
YES Delete: The words "section" and "subsection" from the text of your rules (e.g., "...referenced in section (5)." to "...referenced in (5).")
YES Update: Your organizational rule
Tom Kreissler
Assistant ARM Editor
(406) 444-2055