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Tracking the ARM Process in Your Agency

Examples of different forms used in the ARM process
Glossary of ARM-Related Terms

Interagency Notification: This form is to set up a working group for developing new rules, amending old rules, as well as repealing old rules.

Proofreading Tips offered by the ARM Editor to improve the quality of the rule submissions.
The Rule Request Statement helps your agency define WHAT the rule is about, WHY it is needed, WHO should be responsible for developing the rule, and HOW the rule will be developed.

Team Checklist: A detailed checklist of considerations for rule changes such as:

  • A summary and rationale for the rule change
  • Desired effective date
  • Whether negotiated rulemaking is necessary
  • If there is a need for a public hearing
  • Estimated financial and budget impacts
  • Whether proper notifications have been made to the interim committee, interested parties or agencies, and the sponsor.

Visual Maps of the ARM Process: These visual maps of the ARM process were developed by the Department of Revenue to show how the ARM process works in different stages. You can edit the Word version to customize them for your own agency.